The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Oh dear, oh dear, Blue Monster still seems to think that Reviewing is some sort of black art but I am just trying to act as a filter so that people get to read the cream of the crop, as it were. I am very sad now; I suppose I’ve been a bit green thinking Blue actually liked my work.

I’m not sure if I shall continue but for this week here is another review – this time on a classic of children’s’ fantasy.

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe – the TV series – A Review

This magical journey into Narnia via a wardrobe by four evacuee children during the Second World War sends chills down your spine and makes you laugh and cry.

It has only slightly aged and made me feel all Christmassy.

The physical journey of the children is mirrored personal journey of development of Edmund, the youngest boy. as he is bewitched by an evil queen who has laid claim to Narnia for a 100 years or so, making it always winter and never Christmas.

He makes wrong and selfish decisions but redeems himself in the end.

It is a magical tale full of fantastic creatures who talk and sing and even sow their own clothes as Mrs Beaver does. She is the kindest, mummiest person you could hope to find and brings a lightheartedness to a desperate and scary flight that the children have to make. She holds them up trying to work out how to take the sewing machine on the run with them and packs the bread knife as an essential.

It’s great family viewing.

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