Blue Monster seems have been offended by Yellow Monster which I find odd but never mind here is this weeks review. I do love horror films so I thought I’d start with:

Alien the Directors Cut – A film review

The Director, Ridley Scott, went back and cleaned up and ‘fixed’ a few things in this sci-fi classic. The version was released in 2003 and I don’t know whether it was what he’d done or the new swanky laptop we were watching it on but it’s the first time I could actually see the details of crashed ships and aliens lurking in the dark!

To me this was one of the more realistic sci-fi films – the space they travel through is lonely and sparsely populated. A few errors creep in like the time they take travelling from one place to another but the scenery gives it a gritty industrial feel with fantastic lighting effects leading to increased suspense worthy of the old black and white horror films.

Now I had the original on tape so knew it too well to jump at the right moments but still found my heart pounding.

It’s a good watch – personally I would have liked to do a film marathon involving all the alien and predator films – I am still very impressed with how they made the two different sci-fi sequences merge into one big overall story.

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