Equal Rites

Ok guys here we go!

One of my favourite authors is Terry Pratchett and this week’s review is on one of his Discworld novels. There will probably be a lot of these appearing; they are generally classed as satirical fantasy, though some argue for science fiction fantasy.

Equal Rites A Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett Funny, witty and the first appearance of the insurmountable Granny Weatherwax. This is a discworld novel that gives you a taste of magik from all sides and gives valuable insight as to how things actually happen in a world so precariously on the edge.

Esk who is a girl wizard or a sort of witch or, erm… Well, you see, on the Disc women are not wizards, they are witches and the magik is different; but by inheritance Esk is a wizard, and trained as a witch, and the magiks are fighting or feeding off of each other…. and, well, it all starts to get a bit messy.

Of, course there are male witches but no one ever talks about them…

The result is a rampage through the inherent biases of society and their inevitable undoing along with the fabric of the multiverse but, as with all things, it all settles down and is sort off ushered into the background or High Energy Lab and ignored by most sentient species.

I liked it lots 🙂

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