The Eye of the World: Book One of the Wheel of Time – A book review

Well I tried to send Blue Monster a film, but he is now hiding from me. Which is odd as I am milder than mild and not scary at all 🙁 I left the film on his door step and I think I shall send him the latest book I’ve read as well.

Here is the review.

The Eye of the World: Book One of the Wheel of Time – A book review

Though this book is a heavy tome of the sort now expected for fantasy, it was a compelling read – drawing the reader on the quest which lays ahead.

Initially it was hard to get into, as there was a whole culture and history of the world to absorb, but after the first 50 pages the story crackled to life and I was hooked.

The story was full of the struggle between good and evil and the difference between that andpercieved good and evil. With a devil type Lord of the Dark trying to break out of his prison and his monsters chasing the heroes, who happen to be a group of teenagers from a small farming community.

Confusion and the personal developement of these youths into the fulfillers of prophocy ensues! Each discovers with pain and angst – and maybe a bit of pride – their place within the pattern the wheel of time spins.

A believable world full of societies that have evolved to fit their situation – I finished book one, and am desperate to read book two, but I do actually need to do other things so am glad I do not yet have a copy.

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