The Iron Giant – A film Review

I’m feeling a bit silly and embarrassed, so I am thinking I might become a hermit anyway. After Blue scared me I hid away and Red and Yellow came round and I fed them lots of yummy food I’d spent all afternoon preparing; but then Blue monster turned up and got annoyed that we were having a party without him.

I sort of paniced and locked myself in the toliet and the he started crying and I felt bad – and then I remembered Yellow’s story about loo-roll-eating monsters and thought that perhaps the toliet wasn’t the safest of places.

I came out to find Red and Yellow trying to bundle the sobbing Blue out of the house. I’m now thinking that perhaps I should have invited him to the nibbles and drinks even though I’m scared of him.

I think I’ll send him a nice film to watch – maybe the one I watched last night. I have writen a review of it for you all – here it is:

The Iron Giant – A film Review

This Warner brothers projection is based on the book……. which happens to be one of my childhood favourites and, just like the book, made me cry.

It also had a laid back sense of humour, not all of which would have been obvious to children watching.

The animation style has a funk that matches the time period it is based in, with private eyes and beatnick artists.

It had me laughing until my ribs hurt in places – I highly recommend it.

The storyline of course is about a young boy who befriends a giant robot that fell from space – it is a lovely story.

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