The Silver Chair – TV series Review

Blue Monster is worrying me a bit, he keeps turning up and saying he needs to talk to me but I’m worried he’s just going to be mean so I’m sort of hiding from him.

But here is the last review of the TV series I’ve been watching. At least being a prisoner in my own home means I’ll actually get around to reading all those books and watching all those films that I’ve been putting off.

The Silver Chair – TV series Review

This is one of the chronicles of Narnia, and though it looks slightly jolty and woodenly dated by the special effects, it is still enchanting and swallows you into the adventure.

With giants, sword fights, socery, ancient lands and intrigue — it carries you in.

It is, however, full of suspect morality and a dipole of good and bad but that make for easy viewing.

Some of the set and costumes are fantastic, and the mental voyage of the children to better confidence and self respect is an important aspect of the series and counts in its favour.

I like it; especially the marsh wiggle, who was the most fantastic characterisation ever, and made me laugh.

Posted: Thursday, March 26th, 2009 @ 3:19 pm
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